Eating Disorders

Unhealthy eating habits

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a range of psychological conditions that cause unhealthy eating habits to develop. They might start with an obsession with food, body weight, or body shape.

In severe cases, eating disorders can cause serious health consequences and may even result in death if left untreated.

Those with eating disorders can have a variety of symptoms. However, most include the severe restriction of food, food binges, or purging behaviours like vomiting or over-exercising.

Although eating disorders can affect people of any gender at any life stage, they’re most often reported in adolescents and young women.

Our pratictioners are trained in CBT for eating disorders and they also use a variety of other skills to help people overcome eating disorders. EMDR can also be used to help clients change negative beliefs associated to the restriction of food and body image.

The goal is to help clients:

  • improve their body image and decrease any appearance concerns;
  • eat more flexibly while remaining in control of their eating; 
  • help clients cope with life situations that are likely to influence their eating.

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